Zee News says India now a 'sher' in foreign policy, News18 says country supports Ravi Kishan

ThePrint reports:
New Delhi: Prime time Tuesday was dominated by the India-China standoff in Ladakh, with many TV anchors claiming 'exclusive insight' into the situation from the ground. Zee News' Sudhir Chaudhary's ground report 'revealed' that India was completely ready. He declaimed poetically, " Pehle bharat ko videsh niti ke maamle mein haathi ke naam se jaana jaata tha, lekin pichhle mahinon mein yeh haathi sher ban chuka hai " (Earlier, India was called an elephant when it came to foreign policy, but in the last few months, this elephant has become a tiger.") India TV 's Rajat Sharma said he would show his viewers 'actual' pictures from the LAC.
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